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Artist Statement

I have previously worked in the field of made-to-measure. I have learned and developed know-how and extensive knowledge about materiality that nourish my sculptural language. Furthermore, custom tailoring allowed me to access customer’s intimacy, an essential step in order to design a façade garment. To this day, I am still fascinated by the border that exists between intimacy and social adornment. Flirting with this thin line is a key driver in my work as an artist.I question the body shell as the link to others and to ourselves. It defines identity while trapping it. On the other hand, it is a barrier that keeps us from revealing who we really are. We can think of it as a reducer that confines to physical aspects or to what we are wiliing to disclose. Relationships, feminism and aging are dominant themes in my practice. Performance, video, ligth, sound, steam, used garments, readymade are elements I play with to arouse multiple senses and invite viewers to interact with my work. Involving smell, touch, sight and hearing, I see my art as a journey to be experienced with the whole body.

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